David L. Brown, Founder of Curadux

"We help individuals live well near the end of life, ease the burden on families, and reduce healthcare costs by nearly 30%."

David L. Brown, Founder



What's a Care Guide?


A Care Guide is an experienced physician who walks alongside you in advanced illness and helps you make wise decisions. We help you assess your values and goals, understand the implications of your options, and make a decision that's right for you. We're solely dedicated to supporting your decision-making process. Although we don't practice medicine, our lengthy medical careers give us unique and unparalleled insights into helping you live well in advanced illness.

Goals Assessment

Goals Assessment

Our Care Guides provide a proprietary assessment of your unique values and goals to better understand what matters most to you and what you want out of your healthcare.

Personal Consultation

Personal Consultations

Our Care Guides provide personal consultations to discuss your values and goals, educate you on your options, and align your decision with what matters most to you.

Video Guides

Video Guides

Our Care Guides provide HD quality video decision guides to educate you on advanced illness and critical aspects of the decision-making process for individuals and families. 

Consult Summary

Consultation Summary

Our Care Guides prepare a consultation summary that you can use as the foundation for documenting and sharing your healthcare decision with people who may need to know.

How we do it.

Care Guide Phone Call


We begin with a phone call to understand your needs.

Care Guide Video Conference


We utilize HD quality video conferencing technology.

Care Guide In-Person Visit


We even offer personal visits if you prefer face-to-face conversations.

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