The culmination of your life's work.

For experienced physicians, serving as a Care Guide is the culminating experience of your career and marks a shift from the practice of medicine to the application of your accumulated wisdom and burning compassion to help people facing advanced illness navigate the most profound decisions of their lives.

Care Guides


Curadux is seeking experienced physicians to serve as personal Care Guides for people facing advanced illness. In this role, Care Guides help align the unique values and goals of individuals and their families with their healthcare decision-making process.


  ·  Help assess people's values and goals through conversation and questionnaires.
  ·  Help educate people about their care options through consultation and online videos.
  ·  Help document people's conversations in written form for their use with caregivers and attorneys.


  ·  +15 years practicing medicine.
  ·  Active medical license in at least one state.
  ·  Direct experience guiding decisions for advanced illness.
  ·  Compassionate with proven ability to care about people.
  ·  Comfortable learning and using basic technological tools.