What problem do we solve?

Americans aren’t always living well in advanced illness because their unique values and goals aren’t driving their healthcare decisions. Our third-party payer health system disrupts the normal buyer-seller relationship so that healthcare services aren't naturally aligned around the best interests of the patient. Overtreatment is the dominant problem of today and may cause unwanted, invasive, and expensive treatments, as well as unnecessarily prolonged and painful deaths. Undertreatment is the emerging problem of tomorrow and may cause withholding of healthcare services for individuals who may legitimately need them as a result of healthcare reforms designed to reduce costs.


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How do we solve it?

Curadux has pioneered a revolutionary healthcare decision guidance model for individuals and families facing advanced illness. We use experienced physicians acting as “Care Guides” who are solely dedicated to walking alongside and supporting your decision-making process. We help you assess your values and goals, explore the implications of each of your options, and document your ultimate decision. Our Care Guides do not practice medicine, but the insights we’ve developed throughout our lengthy medical careers give us unparalleled capabilities in helping you make wise healthcare decisions you won't regret.

Curadux uses experienced physicians
Curadux Care Guides are dedicated to supporting your decision
Care Guides are objective, unbiased, and independent


Only Curadux uses experienced physicians as Care Guides to help you make wise healthcare decisions. Other organizations often rely on counselors with limited healthcare experience.


Only Curadux uses Care Guides who are solely dedicated to supporting your decision making process. Primary care physicians often have limited time to discuss a patient’s values and goals.



Only Curadux uses Care Guides who are completely focused on advocating for the individual's values and healthcare goals to ensure the care you want is the care you get. 

What do we believe?

Dignity is a core value of Curadux


We believe every person is created in the image and likeness of God and, therefore, possesses God-given dignity worthy of honor and respect.

Trust is a core value of Curadux


We believe people facing advanced illness deserve accurate, objective, and customized information so they can make wise decisions.

Empathy is a core value of Curadux


We believe people with illness aren't just patients, they're people with unique values and goals, deserving of compassion, love, and care.