Informed decisions you’ll never regret.

For patients and families facing advanced or complex illness.

What we do.
Curadux provides the expertise, tools, and additional capacity for
patients and families to make informed care decisions.
Health Story
Our personal health story captures your values and goals,
while prioritizing your health histories for medical teams.
Care Guides
Our experienced physician Care Guides educate patients
and families along their decision-making journey.
Telehealth App
Our telehealth app gives you easy access to our services
anywhere in the world on a desktop or mobile device.

What is a Care Guide?

Care Guides are physicians who help patients and families make
informed decisions about care options presented by medical teams.
Licensed physicians
Curadux only uses experienced and
licensed physicians to help patients and families make informed decisions.
Neutral navigators
Care Guides operate independently from medical teams and help ensure patients receive the care they actually want.
Decision specialists
Care Guides are specially trained and
solely focused on helping patients and
families navigate serious health decisions
Patient advocates
Care Guides provide patients and families
with a powerful ally during life’s most
stressful, confusing, and uncertain times.

Meet your Care Guide today.

Schedule a meeting with your Physician Care Guide
at your convenience from anywhere in the world.


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Join meetings from anywhere

Group meetings

Invite others to participate

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Get email and SMS notifcations

Health story

Available on-demand

File storage

Store and share important fles

Private messaging

Respond securely to Care Guides

Personal surveys

Use data to help drive decisions