Healthcare knowledge
and guidance to always live well

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Would you like to -

have your health needs and objectives aligned?
fully understand and take more control of your healthcare decisions?
provide the same opportunities to your family?
Cura Care + Dux Guide = Curadux

We empower Members to make informed and personalized healthcare choices.
Our physician Care Guides take a holistic view of each unique individual,
assuring that you get the care you need and want.

Be an employer-of-choice

Employees are more productive, more loyal, and less stressed when they, their parents, and their families have a physician Care Guide advocating for them.

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Is your health system
making the move to value-based care?

The Curadux Personal Health Story™ aligns everyone involved in the patient’s well-being.
The results? Higher patient satisfaction and lower costs.

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Curadux makes things better. Curadux Care Guides clarify.
They simplify. They educate. They empower. They relieve anxiety. They guide.
They care. They brighten your world.

Care Guides don’t take the place of your doctors and they don’t
practice medicine when guiding you.

Partnering with Curadux can benefit your organization.
Health Systems
Increase patient satisfaction and lower costs with Curadux.
Curadux helps you get the care you need and want.