Curadux delivers lower healthcare costs, employer-of-choice recruiting advantage, talent retention, employee loyalty, and higher productivity.

As an employee benefit, Curadux pays for itself many times over.

Navigating the health care system when you are ill or impaired can be overwhelming. In fact, the families and caregivers of the ill individual also spend an inordinate amount of time trying to sort out their loved one’s care for them. The kids of the aging parents find themselves googling words and phrases that are foreign to them — physician language, line items on mom or dad’s test results, pros and cons of various treatment choices, side effects of medications, and any number of care recommendations.

When you have a career, this extra work and distraction can put a noticeable dent in your productivity. Employers know that their employees deal with life’s many issues even as they focus on their jobs. They also know that providing a physician Care Guide to help their associates and families navigate healthcare when illness occurs is a smart thing to do. The outcome is improved productivity, reduced stress, higher talent retention, greater loyalty, and lower healthcare costs. All interactions with Curadux are completely private and confidential. Members directly interface with their Care Guides knowing all discussions are just between them.

Employers rest easy knowing everything is being handled by experts.

“The time burdens for caregivers…result in anywhere from $17.6-33.1 billion in lost productivity, and approximately 2.5% of caregiving employees left the workforce entirely in 2004…”


It's like having a doc in the family, but better

Of course employees are going to be thinking about their ill family member during the work day. We wouldn’t want it any other way. However, having a Curadux Care Guide takes away a major burden. The wisdom imparted by the physician Care Guide helps not only the ill individual, but also their family members, allowing employees to stay focused on their work.

Note that the physician Care Guide doesn’t take the place of the patient’s medical team, nor does he or she practice medicine. To us, you (or your spouse, your children, your parents, your in-laws — whoever is covered by your employer’s Curadux benefits plan) are our “Member” and not our “patient.”

As our Member, you are afforded unbiased guidance on difficult healthcare decisions. You get from our Care Guides answers to all those questions you were heretofore trying to research on your own. The barrage of medical information is simplified and clarified. You are educated about treatment options. You or your loved ones are encouraged to think about and articulate important goals and values. Your stress and anxiety are relieved, and you are empowered to make decisions that result in the care you need and want.