Research shows that people who make informed decisions about their healthcare get the right care and have the best outcomes. Curadux offers you physician wisdom and guidance to make your best decisions about your health. All interactions with Curadux are completely private and confidential.

To access the Cx Nexus where your Personal Health Story is created and stored, and where you schedule sessions with your Care Guide, sign in below.

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How it works

When you’re facing a significant illness and need help, go to the Cx Nexus™ and sign in. Curadux is there to guide you to healthcare choices that are right for you.

Unsure of your sign-in credentials? If you are a Member as part of a group, such as the company where you or a family member works, you will have received a welcome-email with a link to get you started. If you signed up individually, the email address you supplied and the password you established at registration are what you will need to sign in. If you forgot your password, you will have the opportunity to reset it once you go to the Cx Nexus sign-in page. If you have another question about gaining access, you may call Curadux toll-free at 855-5-CURADUX (1-855-528-7238).

Your Personal Health Story

After you sign in to the Cx Nexus™ (secure portal) the first time, you will be asked to provide background information — your health history, current diagnosis, medications, treatments — along with your unique goals and values for living. This is an easy-to-complete online form which prompts you for the required information. You may have a caregiver complete this information for you if you prefer. This baseline information will become your Personal Health Story.

Meet with your Care Guide

You will then select a time to meet with your physician Care Guide. This is again done on the Cx Nexus site. You may choose to receive email or SMS reminders prior your appointment.

At the scheduled time, sign in once again to the Cx Nexus from a computer with a video camera, and check into your meeting to talk with your Care Guide. You may invite your family members, medical professionals, or other advisors and friends — from anywhere in the world — to be on these video conferences with you.

Your Care Guide will get to know you, listen to you and develop an understanding of your situation. The Care Guide will explain in simple language your treatment options, point out the side effects of different drugs, or possibly suggest follow-up questions to ask your doctors.

Note that your Care Guide, although a seasoned physician, would not take the place of your doctors, nor would your Care Guide be practicing medicine. Care Guides impart to you their extensive medical wisdom so that you can take control of your healthcare, but they don’t make the decision — you do, after your doc-in-the-family education.

You will schedule follow-up video conferences with your Care Guide as you progress.