Value Based Care

Health systems win with Curadux in two ways:

1 - as a benefit for their employees
2 - as a major step on the path to value-based care for the population they serve

Curadux adds value to health systems

Health systems have much to gain by adding Curadux to their portfolio of employee benefits. Health care workers report higher job stress than in other industries. Add a personal family illness, and the total stress can be overwhelming. Having a physician Care Guide takes away a major burden and improves productivity.

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Whatever the health system’s assets and capabilities — hospitals, physician groups, rehabilitation centers, urgent care clinics, surgery centers — the move is on from volume to value-based care. Meanwhile, they must also grow new programs beneficial to their communities.

Curadux is an invaluable partner for health systems in this journey. Putting the patient at the center of care, with a focus on their goals and preferences, results in value for everybody. Importantly, even as costs are reduced, patient and family satisfaction go up.

Personal Health Story

Curadux’s Personal Health Story is a key to value-based and population healthcare success. It is a two to three-page encapsulation of the patient’s principles and health history. It sounds very simple, yet so many people find themselves at healthcare crossroads without having thought about their values and goals. The patient’s personal preferences are important for getting the desired outcomes.

Physicians are aided tremendously by having the patient’s Personal Health Story at hand. They are facing their own pressures in today’s challenging healthcare environment, and the Personal Health Story allows them to be better doctors.

By identifying what’s most important to the patient, and by keeping the focus on living well with illness, Curadux helps eliminate unnecessary expenses.